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Here at Graphik Pulse we are in our element creating innovative visual solutions for interesting people with creative projects that need a fresh approach to get the attention and traction their project deserves. You put the effort in getting the project up and running, we make sure to match that effort in making sure your designs communicate creatively and effectively.

We are a creative design agency in Belfast with a fresh energetic approach. Consisting of young, talented, passionate designers we have the drive to put our combined experience to best use for each and every task. Believing in stripping things back to the core message we always try to balance the strategic message with the correct level of visual flare. Finding the rhytyhmn of your target audience. Learn about What We can do , see what we've done , and if you like what you see why not get in touch .

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'Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions'

- H e n r y   M i n t z b e r g

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